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(1) Research Is Still At An Early Stage – Teche

 tablets Bridgeware has implemented a brand new process for updatingTemps Plus.

Once Surely it’s installed and software updates are run, the new TPAutoFTP.exe will look identical and the process still remains identical, however, it sends one Zip file package versus individual file downloads.

That’s especially helpful when large files need updating. Tablets offer significant privileges over laptops.

For the most part there’re also thousands of applications to download to add additional functionality to the device.

They turn on instantly, they have great portability and excellent battery life, wireless connectivity, intuitive uchscreen interface, conforming to the NMC Horizon Report on Higher Education, tablets are a brand new educational technology in their own right -a technology that blends features of laptops and ‘smart phones’.

 tablets Tablet computers are becoming increasingly popular among students, professionals and everyday people, since the successful introduction of the iPad in 2010. Quality display and uch screen capability, tablets are ideal devices for onetoone learning, as well as field work, since of their portability. Diversity in gadgets makes tablets becoming accessible for different budgets and popular amongst our students. Second and essential step before the implementation is to ensure all students have access to tablets, and that your suggested applications are available across platforms. Fact, the Android platform becomes robust and has increased its participation on the market in the last two years. Now please pay attention. In contrast, Windows tablets are still early stage looking at the applications and positioning on the market. Besides, the third step is to doublecheck if your students have a clear understanding of the task and, they are supported via tutorials or guides on how to setup the selected applications.

So LTC is planning to run a workshop on Teaching with Tablets every Session. In this session you might be able to discuss ideas and ways to use applications within the curriculum -stay in uch by subscribing to Teche! Now look, the Pedagogical Wheel proposed by Allan Carrington is an excellent resource to consider when using applications in the classroom as incorporates the SAMR model. We need to look at Puentedura’s SAMR Model that proposed four different levels of technology integration in the curriculum, to achieve this. And now here is a question.

How we can ensure pedagogically sound use of applications in our teaching?

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