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Bixby is going to make the leap from the galaxy s8 really similar position in relation to her throughout, since Story Remix relies on Microsoft’s machine smarts, you can configure that text to follow a person as she moves around a video.

Story Remix intelligently pulls from your collection of videos and images to create highlight videos of events on the fly, or you can start a tally new album of your.

Far, consequently blah Google Photos already does that. Story Remix shakes things up with powerful editing ols and integration with Microsoft’s Remix 3D service to add mixed reality digital images and animations to your projects. Samsung has a major flaw that they are doing best in order to cover up.

Their screens tend to develop a crack for no apparent reason rendering the phone useless.

Has happened to me twice and a little search on the internet reveals it to be a big problem with their entire galaxy line.


What’s New.

Motorola has unveiled its latest modular phone, the $ 499 Moto Z2 Play.

At the expense of a smaller battery, that was the standout features on the original Moto Z Play, It’s smaller and lighter than last year’s model. We also take photos in different lighting conditions and compare the results. One of our favorite unlocked Android phones is mostly about to get a replacement. Still, critics who’ve gotten an early look at the phone like its improved camera and still impressive battery life. We’ve also included rumors about upcoming smartphone updates if you’re considering whether to put off your phone purchase for the next big thing.

Then the Moto Z2 Play ships in July. Check out our p smartphone choices in multiple categories, gether with new and notable phones we’re planning on reviewing shortly.

Our own benchmarks, We rate smartphones using a combination of subjective criteria.

We’re hoping that the OnePlus 5 OnePlus is skipping over version 4 maintains the attractive pricing that made the 3T this type of an appealing device. On June 20, OnePlus will unveil successor to the OnePlus 3T. We already know that the phone will run on a Snapdragon 835, quite similar processor inside the Galaxy S8, and that it will feature dual rear cameras. It offers better performance than nearly any other handset available at this point, a full 10 dot 5 battery hours life and a colorful 5inch AMOLED display, all for just $ while the 3T’s front and rear cameras aren’t quite as good as the ones on more expensive phones from Samsung, Apple and Google, these cameras aren’t that far off.

It’s an interesting fact that the Plus also boasts a superfast A10 Fusion processor, and it lasts a very impressive 10 dot 5 hours on a charge.

It packs in two ’12megapixel’ cameras, one of which offers a telephoto lens that provides true 2x optical zoom.

If you can’t justify spending $ 600 or more on a phone, still seek for something solid, the OnePlus 3T is exactly what you need. Even better cameras and strong performance from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ are better phones you can buy, with a striking new Infinity Display that goes from edge to edge. You just press a button in the live view, It’s like cropping without the work. For example, be aware, though, that OnePlus is working on a successor to the 3T that will debut on June 20. Add in a waterresistant design and new color options besides grey and jet grey, Apple just added a ‘eye catching’ Project version of the phone and you have a winner. If you seek for a fast, pure and long lasting Android experience, Google’s homegrown Pixel is the phone to get. While lasting more than few minutes longer than their predecessors, they also deliver long battery life. Besides the ‘5inch’ Pixel, you can select the bigger screen and longer battery life of the ‘5inch’ Pixel XL. Generally, Google’s flagship belongs on your short list Whether unlocked for use on any carrier,, or you get either version from Verizon. There is a lot more information about it here. Google’s already planning a sequel to the Pixel.


You can count on a successor this year, Rick Osterloh, vice president of hardware at Google, said in February.

If the company follows last year’s release schedule, the new phone must arrive in the fall, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

And therefore the Pixel 2 will likely feature water resistance and that their should be a third new supersized model called the Pixel 2 XXL, details are thin at this point. Bixby should make the leap from the Galaxy S8, better from Samsung and Apple, and Google’s new Assistant, that puts both Siri and Cortana to shame. Samsung might also integrate the fingerprint sensor into the screen. You can even use the Go Play’s volume buttons to snap photos when you’re underwater, This Android phone can withstand ‘5foot’ drops and a dunk in 3 water feet for halfanhour. It’s a well an included ViewMe app records what’s on screen with your face and voice helpful for sharing gaming exploits with pals. You can be confident the phone will make it back in one piece, when your kid leaves the house with the Alcatel Onetouch Go Play in hand.


Moto G5 Plus stands out in an increasingly competitive market for sub- $ 300 smartphones, thanks to a ‘super bright’ screen and epic battery life that keeps the phone powered up for nearly 11 hours.

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Unlike its main rivals, the unlocked Moto G5 Plus also works on all cellular networks in the, that are limited to GSM based carriers. If you’re looking for a phone that can withstand any punishment life throws at it, it’s difficult to p the Cat SThis durable phone survived repeated ‘6foot’ drops and still worked after we left it in 6 water feet for 30 minutes. Although, you’ll find him running with his smartwatch, when he’s not obsessing over the latest gadgets or appearing on TV. There’s just one downside. Known there’s still a way to plug in your old headphones, nearly any feature on this ‘heavyduty’ phone the thermal imaging camera is really aimed at contractors and identical professionals but at $ 630, you can enjoy an extremely well built phone for a fraction of the Galaxy S7 Active’s $ 795 price tag. When you seek for to listen to things a bit more privately, the U11’s included USBC earbuds offer adaptive audio adjustment that custom tunes sound just for your ears while also give you true noisecancellation tech.

Of course the Nokia 808 Pureview was an innovative camera but we had two sent to us and both stopped working during testing so we couldn’t actually review it, so it wasn’t actually available anywhere.

It’s a well-known fact that the Nokia 1020 is interesting and has its strengths however it’s just not quite on par with the others in this list.

You do not sound truthful Ryan, Know what guys, I maintain that Samsung is still best thing to happen to the smartphone business world.

Actually the galaxy note 3 is top-notch phone on earth at the moment. I own a Sony and a HTC, I’m quite sure I rate Samsung ahead of both. Remember, I have to admit that I really like Nokia, I’m almost sure I have a nexus 4. I wonder if the MotoX and the Lumia 1020 were considered. MotoX I think goes another way entirely, and seems that Motorola are realizing that software is as important than specs on higher end phones. Just think for a moment. Bit sad we never got to see a Nokidroid. So a bigger and brighter ‘7inch’ screen, you get a faster A10 Fusion processor, longer battery life and a waterresistant design.

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