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Hosting for SEO, create a network of sites in three days.

Seo hosting

Once it was a long and routine process. Remembering this, I was able to delay the start of a new satellite network as I could. I have made several inquiries in Google, I stopped at an interesting package from a hosting provider amhost.net, to Virtual hosting.  There is an opportunity to order immediately 12 accounts of virtual hosting “ORDER 12 ACCOUNTS” (https://amhost.net/order/6616/) for “Monthly Fee: $ 11.88” that is a little less than a dollar per account. I chose the locations, that I need, more than 40, in a few minutes I had access to them. In each account there is an auto-installer, this means hundreds of popular CMS (Content Management System), forums and other scripts are installed in a couple of clicks. By the end of the day, in fact, 12 domains were attached  to hosting and on each developed wordpress.

The next day I worked with sites. To look presentable and not uniform. I worked 10 hours. In the third day was the installation of the plug-in main-wordpress (managing the network from one admin) to the site-console and other sites linked to it. Comfortable … very comfortable! The comfortable is ordering 12 webhosts with one action, it’s really Seo hosting. It is convenient to open 12 sites in two clicks each !!!  Convenient to monitor the finished sites! I will observe a couple of months behind this hosting service and probably deploy a few more networks of  sites.

And may Seo come with you!

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