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‘make In India’ Makes Headway With Million Smartphones Made In India In: Using A Mobile Device Go To Http//Mhuffingtonpostin/ For Huffpost Mobile

smartphones OneNote mostly pulls it off, oneNote is baked right into the company’s ownSurface devices. Android. Thus support for Apple Watch and Android Wear.It’s not easy to build an app that serves so many different purposes and works well across platforms. Indian smartphone brands need to offer their customers better hardware and software.

Plenty of their sales comprise the very ‘low end’ smartphones that sell for under ₹7000, whereas other brands are offering a lot more at a competitive price.

It won’t be surprising if local manufacturers slip further. Counterpoint report also states that one three out smartphones was bought through ecommerce channels, an indication that ‘e retailers’ similar to Flipkart and Amazon are spreading their reach. There was a 24 percent growth in smartphones sold through online channels, while offline sales were strong for players just like Oppo and Vivo. Then, the company sold more than 5 million smartphones in India in Reportedly, close to 1 lakh units of Apple phones were sold just within three the demonetisation days announcement. At the premium end, Apple has the p spot with a 62 percent market share.

I’m sure that the most encouraging figure for the year 2016 is that actually Chinese phone companies just like Xiaomi and Lenovo, that offer great specifications in their smartphones at an affordable price, have gained a lot from the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. For the first time, there were four Chinese companies in the p 5 smartphone shipment list for Q4 of the calendar year There were no Indian companies in the Q4 list, though Micromax, Intex and Jio are in the second, fourth and fifth position respectively in the yearly 2016 rankings. With a huge lead over others, samsung pped both the charts. In the last quarter of 2016, a mammoth 46 the phones percent sold in India were by Chinese brands. That said, this came at the expense of Indian companies like Micromax and global giants just like Samsung, who lost ‘marketshare’. I’m sure that the year 2017 promises to be full of developments for the Indian smartphone market with Apple making an attempt to enter India as a manufacturer, Xiaomi having already sold 250000 their newly units launched phone and Vivo having introduced the first phone with a dual front camera in India.

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