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My Thoughts On Bill Gates’ Recent Comments Regarding Tablets And Microsoft Surface – Twitter

 tablets Sysco have provided us with a Project Brief that gives us confidence in the project.

With the would highly recommend Sysco Software as apartner of choice. It is it was clear from early on that I was dealing with a team of specialistswith a great knowledge of business challenges andsolutions specifictoourbusiness sector. It can be time to start looking fora customer relationship management system. Now let me ask you something. Any of these sound familiar? By the way I would like to get a few things out of the way, before I start.

 tablets I just prefer Apple’s products over Microsoft’ what they are doing with Windows Phone 7, Windows 8 Metro, and their Surface initiative are all uncharacteristically bold moves, worth taking a look at.

They have earned their success, and been a driving force in the tech industry.

Lets dig in, with that out of the way. I do not dislike Microsoft or Bill Gates. For instance, intel based tablet that can run both iPadlike, Metro apps, plus traditional Windows apps, and a slimmer, ‘Metroonly’ iPadlike experience. Both came with an admittedly awesome looking, cover that acts as a keyboard as well.

Microsoft has bought into the iPad concept, in a way, as apparent with the Surface announcement.

They introduced two devices.

So this line of thinking very well might catch on in the market. Gates claims that customers don’t actually need to compromise. Now that Apple’s model of endtoend hardware/software integration has caught on with the iPhone and the iPad, Microsoft is doing identical, despite its money making stance of the 90s. Gates goes on to hand out, what I believe, at least from a design standpoint, mixed messages. Normally, his company was founded on the idea of choicetheir software on whatever hardware you should like. Although, to my mind this can be correct on a technical level that a sleek device like a Surface tablet or iPad was limited by technology of the timebut Gate’s vision of the tablet was to squeeze Microsoft’s Windows monopoly onto alternative form factor. Gates responded by saying that he had the idea now this sounds great, and very well may catch on in the market.

IOS devices are not meant to outright replace traditional computers, although they certainly can for home users, as of now.

Known with the move Microsoft has made with their Surface products, at least with the Intel variant of the device that the company was obviously more proud of, it seems that they haven’t tally shaken away their PC roots and are once again trying the only thing they know.

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