nvidia shield k1 1x 1 - Part Of This Has To Do With The Diversity Of The Pure-Slate Form Factor -  The Future Of Tablets Market Segmentation

Part Of This Has To Do With The Diversity Of The Pure-Slate Form Factor – The Future Of Tablets Market Segmentation

 tablets Not the strategy itself, all are potential components of a strategy.

I always invest in seeking out noninternal perspectives, larger organizations can become inwardly focused.

None of it’s surprising. It’s a well there’s an inherent observational bias that I try to overcome, otherwise the genetic pool is extremely limited. At identical time, Know what, I try to keep a working inventory of all the potential assets at hand. Also, it’s the context that’s different, The problems are never new. Basically the tablet market is one that has greatly polarized many who follow the technology industry.

Despite anyone’s opinion on the tablet market, By the way I remain bullish on its future.

Ultimately, so this segmentation is what can continue to fuel the tablet market.

 tablets For the most part there’re all kinds of every types day use cases for tablets.

Many will target certain verticals like the ones I mentioned above, quite a few will be general purpose like the iPad.

I expect more segmentation to come as hardware manufacturers discover parts of markets that are underserved or not served whatsoever. You see, the Nabi kids tablet, as an example, sold nearly two million units in the throughout the holiday quarter last year. Nvidia’s creation of the Shield tablet can be an even smarter move still. Did you know that the hard core computer gaming market may not be the largest one but I know it’s still lucrative. Usually, dFC Intelligence estimates there’re upwards of 270m core computer gamers. Essentially, people often criticize segmentation without realizing that I’m talking about very good business moves. Basically, the Nvidia Shield tablet has a hardcore gaming processor and can stream games over a ‘Wi Fi’ network from the gamer’s computer to the tablet, that can in turn connect to a TV.

 tablets By giving gamers access to all their personal computer games in mobile form on a tablet, Nvidia has custombuilt experiences for its tablet that check the necessary boxes for serious rig gamers.

He contributes to the Big Picture opinion column that appears here any week.

Bajarin is a principal at Creative Strategies Inc, a technology industry analysis and marketintelligence firm in Silicon Valley.

Specifically in the rig market, desktops and notebooks are examples of purpose built segmentation. Make sure you write a few comments about it in the comment box. Segmentation in many markets isn’t new.

It was not surprising that we’re seeing segmentation in the tablet market as well. PC gaming machines are another example of segmentation. Therefore the tablet market began to slow from its once ‘triple digit’ annual growth rates to a great deal more modest single digit growth rates. Initial debate centered around if the tablet should kill the computer. Basically the market for tablets is still growing in regards to annual sales, just not as much as it did in 2011 and 2012. Did you know that the design itself opens up the possibility that, through software, tablets can appeal to a variety of use cases. So it is what makes the tablet form factor so exciting. Now pay attention please. Part of this has to do with the diversity of the ‘pureslate’ form factor.

Accordingly the market appears to be segmenting. One trend we see happening may shed some light on what we can expect for the future of tablets, the tablet remains an important product and it will continue to evolve. It appears the tablet is segmenting. That’s something our firm was highlighting for some amount of time in our tablet presentation. We are starting to see tablets being built for kids, tablets being built just to consume content and media, tablets that can replace PCs, and now with the latest entrant from Nvidia, we see tablets being specifically built for hardcore gamers. To target these segments, companies have to truly have a grasp of the market they are building for and make products uniquely tuned to fit their needs.

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