Top 10 smartphones India 4 - Samsung Sued For Not Updating Android On Older Phones: The Much-Lauded Google Nexus 5X And 6P Just Run Plain Android

Samsung Sued For Not Updating Android On Older Phones: The Much-Lauded Google Nexus 5X And 6P Just Run Plain Android

smartphones CIOs in these organizations can take an active role in developing social business strategy by supporting the creation of a social business council and dedicating staff to support social strategy, while very few organizations are already at the enterprise maturity level.

I work with loads of CIOs and heads of strategy in Australia and the Asia Pacific area -particularly concerning the development and updating of their IT strategies.

I have seen lots of approaches to IT strategies -from on a single page position statements through to hugely detailed documents that outline every project that will take place over the next 510 years, as a part of our strategy document review service. Therefore the Dutch Consumers’ Association, or Consumentenbond as it’s known in its native land, is suing Samsung for not providing timely software updates to older models of its Android smartphones.

smartphones By the way, the move was driven in part as long as Samsung has this kind of a strong presence in Holland, and as Samsung is pretty bad about supporting old phones, as I’ve learned through personal experience.

It also has a much smaller ecosystem to support.

Samsung has a ridiculous number of phones out there. Anyway, with the rapid advances in mobile tech, on the flip side, Know what guys, I can see how, companies don’t look for to be stuck supporting older phones. At least Apple gives its phones a few years. Just keep reading! Perhaps the ease of supporting the phones will come with fewer models. While, at least 82percentage of Samsung smartphones available in the Dutch market examined had not received any software updates to the latest version of Android in two years.

Now look, the DCA is demanding that Samsung provide its customers with clear and unambiguous information about how long they will receive updates to their particular phone. Did you know that the group also feels Samsung provides insufficient information about critical security vulnerabilities and wants more transparency concerning updates. Stagefright forced Samsung to implement a security update process to fast track security patches over the air when security vulnerabilities are uncovered and push the security updates once per month. However, the group said Samsung was not doing that, especially for older handsets. Let me tell you something.

Actually, the DCA noted the nasty Stagefright bug, that was discovered to have affected few years back I ok a chance on the Samsung ATIV SE, that was a vaguely similar phone to the Galaxy S4 that ran Windows Phone while Lumia owners had version 1 pushed out whenever Microsoft released it, ATIV SE owners were left wondering when it will arrive.

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