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They Are Just A Clunky Way To Get Things Done: Microsoft Makes Its Pitch For The Mobile Age

 tablets By the way, an ol like Feedly helps you stay atop of news and similar online sources without getting lost in the chaos of social media, a RSS reader may sound like something from a bygone era.

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SponsoredPosts create an opportunity for an individual sponsor to provide insight and commentary from their viewpoint directly to our audience. Therefore, sponsoredPosts are written and edited by members of our sponsor community. Tablets are launched with great success, and are good as content access and consumption tools, as now are mobile phones. That said, the computer remains a bargain for employers looking to leverage the productivity of their muchmoreexpensive human capital base their employees. How about a tablet with a ‘foldin’ keyboard for fast typing that’s called a laptop isn’t it, tablets are a fashion item. Cost of PCs and even the personal computer is also very helpful in that it can be set to a viewing angle.

Now that the world is moving to more consumer oriented activities, Microsoft’s ‘followtheleader’ strategy may no longer be adequate, for two key reasons.

Whenever taking other people’s innovations and targeting the business market with versions of them designed for productivity, microsoft has always been a determined follower. I want to ask you something. Will you prefer your employees to be typing into mobile phones and tablets, where typing is hardly the strong suit of either?

 tablets For almost any employee who sits in an office, is it worth spending a few hundred dollars on a laptop, and another few hundred on software to, enhance the productivity of your employee, for which you likely pay that much every month for their medical insurance?

That my key apps can use all my content, way better to define how to make content the fundamental primitive.

Depending on evidence to date, Microsoft is not even asking the right questions, never mind pursuing an appropriate strategy. People really don’t care much about apps. I actually have a thousand fragmented pieces of content, So in case I have a thousand apps on my phone. Obviously whoever works out that today’s approach is fundamentally broken and works out how to fix it will dominate the next phase of computing.

Usually, since any of my thousand apps has its own idea of user experience and functionality, I also need a way to get things done without having to learn a thousand different ways to do things. Of course, they are just a clunky way to get things done.

 tablets Second reason is connected with the first. What people care about are actions and content. Clearly this is not a great approach. Remember, the first reason is that frankly, the world doesn’t need any more apps. Nevertheless, waiting for Apple or Google to solve the real problem is not a great strategy. For example, he proudly held up a Windows 8 phone and spent nearly 40 seconds scrawling through tiles attempting to find the app he wanted to demonstrate -he had so many app tiles on his phone that he needed to flick through hundreds before he could find the one he wanted. Microsoft no doubt wants its store to have a million apps. Let me tell you something. Last time I checked, the iStore had around 750000 apps. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Ballmer himself, a few weeks ago in San Francisco, showed the futility of the moreisbetter mentality.

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